Discover Our Newest Extendable Toddler Bed : "Youpi"

Author: Little People's Bedroom   Date Posted:17 October 2017 


Discover Our Newest Extendable Toddler Bed : "Youpi"

We are all confronted to the moment when your toddler must leave his baby cot but doesn't seem to be very keen on going into a "big" bed...

Our  convertible toddler beds are here to help you and your little one! It is ideal for a smooth transition: it adapts to the size of your child, who is not likely to feel disturbed in a bed too spacious for him. For added safety, you can also initially set a bed rail and a small night light.

In addition to this, you will save money: no need to buy a single bed in a couple of years as our Youpi Extendable Toddler Bed will adapt to your growing child!

Youpi offers you 2 sleeping dimensions: 90x140 cm and 90x190 cm, thanks to its new system of nested slats, patented by our manufacturer Sofamo. And there's not need to by an extra conversion kit.

When your toddler feels ready, you will only need to extend the bed to get the single size. Youpi will find its place in your child's room as well as later, in his pre-teen room.

The Youpi storage draw slides under the bed to give you extra storage and allow you to put away all the toys.

To compliment your bed, you will find on our website a selection of convertible mattresses in 2 parts to match the bed frame size you're using.




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