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Author: Little People's Bedroom   Date Posted:3 July 2016 


Stimulate their imagination! Imaginary games can help develop and strengthen the emotional and social skills of your children.

Electronic gadgets can be fun but playing "pretend" is what children enjoy the most. Moreover, the world of imagination stimulates the brain and can help children in their social and emotional development. This cannot be played behind a screen and children immerse themselves completely in this newly created fantasy world, especially if you let them develop important creative ideas for them.
Spontaneity is the only rule for these imagination games! The best activities to develop his imagination are those in which they choose the course of action; only help them define the initial frame and then, let them do the rest!

Try these six ideas to turn on the child's imagination and cognitive development:

The game of mimes

Kids love the fast pace of mimes when each player has only one minute to guess an object, activity or character. Note some ideas as "eating", "bowling", "reading" and "laughing" on pieces of paper that can be folded in half and put into a hat. If the children are older, add some more complicated characters like "pirate" or "queen". You will surely laugh at their creative ideas if they have to mime famous people.

Create a show

Children always surprise us with their imagination and creativity when we asked them to do a show. From the puppet show through to the mistery solving show and anything in between, they are always very impressive! As if they were waiting for us to challenge them. Tell your kids to appoint a "show director" for each round so everyone can express their creativity. You won't be disappointed to develop his imagination: your child might nail it and make career! ;-)

kid pupet show


Role games

Pretending to be ninjas, warriors, princesses or doctors can stimulate inventiveness. Moreover, creating role plays also allows children to talk about emotions they may not understand yet. When given such opportunities, children feel safe to explore and make sense of the world around them. Questions like "The patient seems to be afraid, what is he thinking or afraid of?" or "What could we do to help him not to be afraid?" enable children to understand the emotions from a different angle.

Inventing a new end to their favorite stories

Try asking your children to tell their favorite story by creating a different ending. They may take turns to decide what direction their adventure will take. Give an example of a classic tale with an alternate ending or with the appearance of a character from another story. Once the story is finished, ask the next player to start over with a different ending. Their stories might even be better than the original!


Dress up like adults

Keep your old phones, handbags, sunglasses and papers and put them in an "adult bag" for your children. Add a wallet with some money in it to add a little authenticity. Coins and notes will stimulate their imagination in this game of "pretending to be adults."


Create a restaurant

Do your children have a sense of business? Ask them to create their own restaurant (or ice cream store) and ask them to give it a name. Then ask them to create the menu including staters, mains, desserts and drinks with a price for each. They will enjoy coloring and decorating the menus for their restaurant. Once they have finished them, ask your kids to draw a floor plan to explain how the restaurant would be arranged. 

Kid pretend play doctor

Remember, the most important element to encourage your child to develop his imagination is to let them decide. Pretend play not only strengthens the emotional and social skills such as improvisation and empathy, but it also gives children a chance to learn how to solve problems. And this is an asset that your little actor can not pretend to have!


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