Kid's trundle bed, two beds in one

Author: Little People's Bedroom   Date Posted:19 December 2017 

Kid's trundle bed, two beds in one

This is the ultimate multifunctional bed; it allows hiding a second bed in a drawer underneath the main bed frame. This bed can be a good solution if you have two kids in one small bedroom or to accommodate for sleepovers. If your child is still a little too small to receive buddies, nothing prevents you from using the drawer as extra storage space. The trundle bed will tick all your boxes! Pros, cons, tips, we'll tell you everything you need to know about trundle beds below!



The trundle bed consists of a main bed frame and a draw that fits a mattress. The trundle is a low, usually roll-out bed that hides underneath a main bed frame. Some drawers have a plain bottom so can be versatile and used for a second bed or for extra storage. The trundle is usually on wheels for easy use. It sits lower than the main bed, however some models have retractable legs that adjust to match the main bed's height.



If saving space is a real problem for you, then this is the bed you need. The trundle can be used as a second bed (for friends or a second child) or storage space and the trundle bed becomes a really versatile bed! With a trundle on retractable legs you can create a double bed. Smart!



If the trundle is not an occasional bed but rather a permanent bed for a second child, the only drawback is that this child will not be able to enjoy his bed as much during the day to read a book or play for example. The trundle is usually rolled away underneath the bed during the day to save space and it's pulled out at night when going to sleep.


Our Advice

If you choose the trundle bed as the first big bed for your child, you can install a safety bed rail if you fear your child will fall while asleep. Remember not to place any heavy furniture in front of the drawer for easy access.






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