How to choose your baby's chest of drawers?

Author: Little People's Bedroom   Date Posted:18 December 2017 


How to choose your baby's chest of drawers?

To avoid having a messy kid's bedroom, with clothes and toys on the floor or on open shelves, think about investing in a chest of draws!

Ideal for storing small baby clothes, bed linen as well as these toiletries, nappies and toys. You can even add a changing top on the dresser to have everything nearby when you change your baby!

Choose your dresser matching your wardrobe for a harmonious style.


Nursery chest of draws

The chest of draws is a small piece of furniture, very handy for storing all your little one's little things. Instead of or in addition to a wardrobe, the dresser will be a great help to sort your baby's goods and thus leave a clean and tidy space in his room so he can play in peace.

You will see that the dresser will also be perfect to accommodate a changing top and all the products necessary to the toilet of your little angel. No matter what your decorating style is, you'll find the chest of draws you need, as our suppliers do not lack imagination to create dressers that will fit perfectly in the world of your baby's room.



The chest of drawers belongs to the category of low furniture, designed for storage. Most dressers are made of three large drawers but you can find some with more drawers. This small furniture is usually made of solid wood or MDF panels, that would be painted of left raw.



The dresser is convenient for storing laundry and clothes for your baby. It will also be ideal if you do not want to invest in a changing table, in this case you just need to buy a plan to change and fix it on the dresser so its drawers will be very useful to store the necessary to change your little blond head, and moreover you will be at the perfect height to take care of him without hurting your back, rather convenient no?



Although the dresser is a low furniture and so it doesn't hide the light, it is still quite a bulky piece in a room. If you have lots of things to store, the dresser is not the furniture adapted to your needs. Prefer a wardrobe that will give you more storage space.


Our advices

Always aim to harmonize the room, choose your dresser following the style of the other pieces in the room. Generally, manufacturers develop a complete range to create a harmonious space.

Install security systems on the drawers if you do not want your child to open them alone. Take measurements of the space where you want to install your dresser before making your purchase, as it is important to know the dimensions of your room as well as those of the furniture to avoid a bad surprise.





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