Having twins?

Author: Little People's Bedroom   Date Posted:2 May 2016 


Did you know that about 1 in every 80 natural conceptions results in multiple birth?
1 of 4 births issue from IVF treatment will be twins or triplets.
Twins represent approximately 1.5% of all pregnancies.


Having twins

Expecting twins is very different to a "conventional" pregnancy. Medical monitoring, number of scans, discovery of twin sexes... everything is tenfolded, so are emotions! The arrival of twins is a source of joy, but also of concern for parents as they are facing a lot of questions: how will they manage the arrival of two babies at once? How will they cope? ... A twin pregnancy is often very tiring for future mums, but a good organization facilitates the path to childbirth and the first few days with her twins. Being organised is the key! Employ a housekeeper for the first few months, and be surrounded by your familly when possible... expecting twins do not necessarily mean it has to be hard!

Real twins or fraternal twins (dizygotic)? All parents wonder what their children will be. Learning that you're expecting a boy and a girl - or two girls or two boys - is always a magical and memorable time! 

At the birth of twins, many questions remain. How to juggle bottles (or breastfeeding), nappies and chaotic nights ... everything times 2! Symbiotic relationship of twins along with their individual character being forged slowly are all new for parents who see grow and evolve their two children together. Later, the relationship between the twins differ among families and couples of twins themselves; some remain fusional all their lives, while others are trying by all means to differentiate from their twin brother or twin sister. These relationships are both complex and intense, but are still full of love!


Advantages of having twins (by Marine J. mother of twins)

Yes, there are some advantages of having twins! Here are a few:

  • If you don't like to be pregnant, you'll have 2 children in one go!
  • Having twins teaches us (mums) to be organised quickly.
  • When shopping, if you hesitate between 2 outfits, take both!
  • You can have fun dressing your twins identical, to confuse people!  :D
  • Twins encourage each other; when one starts to walk, the other will quickly follow!
  • When you change one, the other one can help you get what you have forgotten!
  • They are never alone and always have their twin to play with!


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