Extendable Toddler Beds

Are you looking for toddler bed ideas? Would you avoid having to buy another bed in a couple of years if you could? Here, at Little People's Bedroom, we have the solution!

Our clever toddler beds have been designed for savy parents; all of our toddler beds are extendable! This means you buy one bed, you get two sizes! These reassuring toddler size beds (140cm long) seamlessly extend to become full size single beds (190cm long) to better accommodate your growing child. No need to buy an extension kit, and no need to buy another mattress as these kid's beds have some specially designed mattresses! They also all come with an extendable mattress base. This makes it the perfect bedroom furniture for all toddlers, but also for all savy parents!

With our wide range of color and design, we have a toddler bed for every child!