About Us


We are a baby and children’s bedroom furniture online store that strives to bring the best to our most important little people. We work very closely with some of the best European baby and children’s furniture suppliers to introduce a brand new style of bedroom to Australia, with an assurance of quality. 

Our range of furniture is eco-friendly: it comes from a noble and renewable material, wood, sourced from sustainable forests. The paints used are water-based paints, without solvents and thus without Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), ultimately to better protect our children’s environment.


Little People's Bedroom's Story

Founded in 2014, Little People's Bedroom is focusting on offering you exclusive eco-friendly furniture for babies and children. Our site offers a wide range of children's bedrooms and baby's nurseries with sleek lines and contempory design. Browse our website and discover a range of beds, dressers, changing tables as well as wardrobes to create your own peaceful retreat and relaxation for the enjoyment for your child.

Whether your style preference is romantic or natural, you will find a bedroom range that inspires you. If you want a room full of colours and soft shapes our extensive range of high quality, designer inspired furniture will add a contemporary style to any space.


Our Mission

At Little People's Bedroom we strive to bring into life the perfect environment for your children. All of our products are part of an ecodesign approach (wood from managed forests, limiting the use of VOC paint and finishes, sustainable solid wood, recycled packaging, etc...) which manufacturing processes limit or eliminate the use of products harmful to children.

Manufacturing and sourcing only from Europe, we comply with all European and Australian safety standards and enforced regulations relating to quality and the environment.


We love...

  • Nature – We love our planet and are conscious that it is affected by the product manufacture and distribution. Therefore, our goal is to provide eco-friendly and sustainable products which have small impacts during their whole lifecycle.
  • Children – They are the essence of life and deserve the best. Because we know that the wellbeing of your children is of the utmost importance to you, our aim is to provide you with beautiful products without compromising on health and safety.
  • People – We treat you exactly as we would like to be treated. We love to hear from people and are always willing to help. That's why we like to receive your reviews to help us improve and make sure our customers are always satisfied.


Our desire is to offer you the best!

As parents ourselves, we understand that good is just not enough when it comes to our children as they deserve the best. Raising them in a wonderful, healthy and safe place should not be a high expectation but just a normal way of life. That is why we commit ourselves to offering you products that are not only great but healthy, safe and environmentally-friendly to ensure our babies' and children's well-being. Our suppliers take great care in checking their entire production chain, from the provenance of raw materials and the manufacturing process, to the distribution of goods.


Creative and unique products

All of our furniture range is EXCLUSIVE to us, some of our products are designed by famous French designers and most of them have features that help with your child's development (convertible toddler beds, changing tops, etc.).Whatever your style, you are sure to find a unique piece that will make a difference in your child's life.


European products that comply with strict safety standards

All of our products come from Europe and are tested to mandatory Australian Safety Standards. Our manufacturers use independent laboratories to perform expert and objective testing evaluations in order to ensure the quality and safety of all our products. In order to reinforce its commitment to safety and regulation, Little People's Bedroom became a member of the Australian Toy Association in 2014.


Use of renewable materials

All raw materials used by our Eco-Friendly furniture manufacturers are issued from forests that are certified by a forest certification program.


Reduce the emission of VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

Our Eco-Friendly furniture suppliers are engaged in an environmental approach through the use of water-based paint with no VOCs. For solid wood furniture, all paints used are Child-Friendly and meet the standards imposed by the European and Australian legislation.